I have spent the last month or so working through some difficult history in my childhood and adolescence. While I won’t be sharing the details, I would encourage YOU to take the time and dedicate the energy to healing any wounds of your past. No matter what happened to you, by whom, or when… you can be healed. You can achieve peace and joy and forgiveness (for others or yourself).

If you are curious of the path I took to find healing, message me. 😉

New Success

One of my short stories placed as a finalist in the Globe Soup Short Story contest. Generally, I post a link to the story here. This time, I have actually shopped this little horror story to a commercial market. I haven’t actually shopped a work before. They generally end up here and I move along to the next tale. I have come to feel like some of these tales are worth putting out for publication or rejection. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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