In the days before Christmas

Christmas is nearly here. This one has been less hectic for me. I have taken a much quieter approach. A silver garland on this weird year. My holiday get togethers have been via zoom. I did get to go social distant caroling with a group from my church and two of my grandkids. It was a highlight thus far. I am blessed that they were able to stay with me a whole week. I worked and they did their schooling (all remote) during the day and found time for holiday fun in the evenings. We visited Largo Central Park and walked through the lights. We built gingerbread houses. We watched a lot of holiday movies and drank cocoa. It allowed us to share smiles and make memories.

I have continued to write poems inspired by the advent prompts. On this post I have also include a poem I wrote 20 years (OMG!) ago. I also wrote a flash fiction piece for the holidays. Here is the link for In that Silent Night. Here is a new poem, the older one follows:

person wrapping white box

Home for the Holidays

It hurts;
a tear comes.
Feeling stupid,
I toss the scissors,
and curse the wrapping chore.
But that is not the culprit
which makes my chest feel hard and tight.
It is the nearby shipping boxes.
The ones which will deliver these tokens
to the children I so deeply miss.
The family I long to hold close,
but who have left for new lives.
I wipe the tear and sigh.
Resigned to quick chats
from far away.
The cell phone
hides my

©Rebecca Wilson, 2020

lit bonfire outdoors during nighttime

Night on the Hill

Sit by me, boy, there is much to watch tonight.
Look at the stars, they seem so close and so bright.
The city is crowded; I am glad we’re out here.
So many people brings in noise and illness, I fear.
The census has them in from every part of the land
the people outnumber the grains of sand!
At least the night has settled to quiet and the lambs are sleeping.
That makes the night much more peaceful keeping.
Those stars are so bright. Are they are growing in light?
Look! What is that! It is the end of the world!
Don’t look, boy, hide your eyes from this fear,
we die together, my son, our doom is near!
Peace? You have not come to kill us?
What is that sound? Like voices rejoicing in chorus!
The hosts of heaven, they say our Messiah has come!
Praise Our God! Praise His Name! Holy Father Glory!
Hallelujah! Eternal Praise to the Great I Am!
Come, boy, leave the sheep, let us run and see!
Let us gaze upon the promise, see His mysteries.
Lowly shepherds we may forever be
but God has given us this honored duty:
Spread the news and tell the world,
the Salvation of man has been unfurled!

Rebecca Wilson

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