Advent Writing – Poems

I am writing poems, daily is the goal, for December. The holidays have been a long time source of inspiration for me. Childhood musings of gifts and the Gift. Adolescent raging about whatever triggered the moment. Adult wistfulness, worry and fears. Moments of glistening glory sprinkled here and there. I’ll post these as I go… raw and newly born… here are Day 1 and Day 2

red bauble on thin thread against white background

I pinned my dreams,
and frustrations
on the hearts
of my children.
I reared them wise.
Wise enough to be
independent of me.
Now, I talk to them,
from thousands of miles away.
to share in their
and elations.
I am proud.
They were not chained
by my feeble imagination.
©Rebecca Wilson, 2020

silhouette of girl during evening

Prompt: Seize the Day
It was 1984 and there was no way I was missing this romance-book-cover opportunity; (clad in tight Levi 501 jeans, a summer weight cowboy hat, bare chested, farm-boy tanned and glistening with sweat from loading 80 bales on a rickety flatbed trailer that I dragged behind a faded blue Ford F150 into his dad’s field) in order to keep some antiquated idea of purity intact… he smiled, I blushed, unaccustomed to these attentions but I returned the flirtation, determined not to spend another warm summer night staring at the stars alone.

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