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I have been writing while recovering from cataract surgery. My vision isn’t stable yet already better than I have ever seen. I am blessed to have been able to upgrade my new eyes. The dental stuff wraps up next week with new crowns. It has been a crazy expensive few months. I am blessed.

I am working on Old Souls again. The Sci Fi novel is stuck. I have a few new poems as well. Here are three gloomy bits and a touch of light:

stormy sea under cloudy sky

After Epic Failure

I am struggling.
No one knows.
I hide in the sunlight;
disguised in the trappings
of a successful life.

I am drowning.
No one sees.
Artificial reef against waves.
Others standing, triumphant;
on my shoulders.

I am hiding.
Following the tracks
of elder lives
into the secret boneyard;
there to die.

©Rebecca Wilson, 2020

person standing on rock formation

Fight On

There is a battle
between my lethargy and my will.
I’ve wallowed in the bloody trenches
and swooned from the rancid smell.

I am still here.
The drive to create
drumming a march
within my imagination.

My will is frail,
from months of neglect,
still, it feebly rises.

My lethargy, better tended,
envelopes the rallying sound
©Rebecca Wilson

blue and white smoke digital wallpaper


Nothing gets penned
worth the ink

Nothing is tasted
that I hungered for

Nothing dreamed
for a future me



©Rebecca Wilson

assortment of flowers in floral shop

Child of God?

A mantle I don’t know how to wear.
Suspicious of an unearned claim.
Child of fear
Tattered heart, battered mind
Imperfect, fallible, weak
Child of pain
Possessed of demons
Internal voices scream damnation
Child of insecurity

There. God meets me.
Me. The war orphan.
Child redeemed.
Embraced. Gathered in,
dirt, shame, and mistrust ignored.
Absolute Love.
Forgiven. Saved. Secured.
Child of God.

©Rebecca Wilson

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