Getting closer

My entry for the Writers Weekly 24 Hour Short Story contest – After the Drive In – received an Honorable Mention. The prompt was this:

Their trips to the drive-in movie theater were always the same. He would fall asleep and she would quietly leave the vehicle to get popcorn, Milk Duds, and soda. As she walked back with her goodies, the car-side speakers stopped and the screen went black, throwing the entire lot into darkness. She stopped, temporarily blinded. Then, the screen lit back up again, showing…

In operation since 1952

I have attended the Ruskin Drive In which isn’t far from my home. The mosquito swarms were intense but the movie was not. It was a fun experience, one which I think is seeing a resurgence in this era of social distancing.

For the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction competition, I scored in the top 15 of my group (with 3 points) for my spy story, Flying Foxes. I hadn’t written spy before, it was quite the challenge. For round 2, I am in action adventure. I’ll post results when I get them.

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