May 2020

Whew! What a weirdly good month all things considered. My new job is going well and I like the people I am working with on the projects. I have found ways to connect with friends, new and old via online. My church is going strong. We had a socially distant parking lot service that was wonderful. I have to admit, I may miss attending services in my PJs with breakfast and coffee once we are back to live. I have been playing D&D with friends (yes, I am that much of a geek). Being able to participate in make believe is a grand outlet.

I wrote a story I really liked for the NYC Midnite Short Story Round 2. (It didn’t place.) This one is a genre I’ve never written before. Spy. It was fun but hard to do in just 2000 words. Check it out and let me know what YOU think… Mic Drop at SXSW

My writer’s group has started meeting via Zoom and that has been wonderful for kicking my work on the SCI FI WIP back into gear. I have decided to do a major rewrite of one section and remove a ‘side quest’ into a separate book. I want the story to flow faster and so it needs to be leaner. Anyway… until next time.

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