April 2020

Ah pandemic. I am ready to be back to hugging my friends and going to work. I have a new job. I thank God for the opportunity that came along. Just in time. I wrote a few new poems, and some shorts for various things.

Poems: Child of God and Baptized

100 Word short for practice: 16 Dec, 1943

I have been struggling with depression and anxiety. It seems to build up in the blur of these socially distant days. When I stay busy, I am good. But there have been a few days that I felt like I couldn’t move, couldn’t think, struggled to pray, struggled. Music helped. Texting and calling friends helped. Crying it out helped but made me feel dumb. Thankfully it has been sporadic. I imagine that folks who suffer these in clinical fashions are really having a hard time. I reach out to them and hope they will stay strong Remember that all this will ease.

This will all ease. The mantra for today.

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