My World: changed

In Nov 2019 I changed jobs from my 8.5 year long run. The new role sounded exciting, a growth opportunity. It was good, then rapidly not good. By mid January, I knew I’d made a mistake. I learned a lot. I had a great team. It was insanely busy, 60 hour weeks and mentally exhausting. Travel to NYC, then to upstate NY, multiple times. In March, I landed a great new role. I had a signed offer letter and gave notice to my employer. My two week notice passed working from home, in quarantine due to Covid-19. March 20 was my last day. I had planned to go to NM to see my parents for a week before starting the new job. The virus, morphing into a pandemic, cancelled my travel. The Thursday before my start date, I got a call. The position was rescinded. In a flash, I became unemployed in the midst of millions of others. Damn.

Thankfully, I have been getting interviews and such. I hope to have something soon. In the mean time. I’ve been volunteering at my church. There has been time to do the BIG projects since services moved online. It has kept me moving and from going nuts with fretting about work and money. The physical labor has helped me fight off the Covid 19 pounds I would otherwise gain from bumping around my house, playing video games and watching tv. I have written a bit. Not on either of my two novels but flash and shorts for various things. I’ll post what I can here (some are still in contest mode) and will try to make more regular updates. Creativity has been hard, the quiet more filled with worry than artwork.

Kayaking keeps me 6 feet from most everyone!

The Short Story: The Red Road

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