Fear is a personal thing.

Horror, the spine tingling stuff rather than the bloody slasher style, is quite the challenge to write.  It requires a certain energy and an understanding of the emotion of fear that can be difficult to craft. Some fears are ingrained, like the fear of certain animals or the fear of falling. Otherwise, what really scares a reader is as unique as they are. Fear is a very personal emotion. Fear comes from our personal experiences. Fear comes from loosing what we value, our view on the world and our thoughts on evil.  I suppose that’s why I admire those authors who can chill my bones and startle me. When that happens, its as though the author knows me, dabbled in my thoughts and found out what makes me afraid. It becomes personal.

I tried my hand at horror in the past to no avail. I posted a new piece, Reset, that steps from dramatic/ suspenseful toward horror. With my past, this story line made me pretty uncomfortable as I wrote it, fear is very personal. Tell me what you think and what emotion it triggers for you.

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