‘Tis the Season… for Skeletons and Scares.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It encompasses my imagination and creativity. I enjoy the celebrations (yes, I understand the origins) that, to me, have more fun and family engagement than does Christmas.  I like the scares, giving and receiving! I am fortunate in that I work where I do.Cookie CuttersThese are the cookie cutters I found that compliment the Day of the Dead theme my co-workers voted for the Halloween celebrations at my workplace. Another floor is going with a Clue theme I suggested for them. My company, a generally stoic, conservative, old school kind of place pulls out all the stops for Halloween.  There are whole floors turned into haunted house, huge contests for decor, costume, and cooking. Creativity, Originality, Scare are the top 3 categories for cash prizes and bragging rights.  Many of the groups incorporate charity fundraising into their activities.    We are decorating Sugar Skulls, a cube decorating contest, have a pot luck planned and are building various items for the decor. The teams are all getting together after work next week to eat pizza, have a libation and make paper flowers by the hundreds to hang from the ceiling on strings of white lights. Halloween is a time for team building and a bit of frolic in an industry that is not known for frivolous behavior.I am really looking forward to the season!

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  1. That sounds fun! One of the places I worked once had a costume contest. I went as my husband, had a picture to show for comparison too. Didn’t win but was the runner up. It was fun.

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