Book Review… Shiftless by Aimee Easterling (YA)

I don’t generally read young adult fantasy but it came in an anthology, Secret Worlds, that I’m making my way through to better understand the paranormal genera. This is a solid, easy read. It is a fun, coming of age paranormal romance featuring werewolves. Easterling does a wonderful job of leading the reader into the ‘were world’. Her descriptions and revelations are well written and help the reader suspend disbelief.  I also appreciate her word choices. Though written for a young adult audience, Easterling doesn’t dumb anything down and doesn’t shy away from more challenging linguistic structures. The typical 20 something issues around family and community are typical but well developed. The story line moves along very nicely and doesn’t get bogged down in angst or dramatic sexuality. The author doesn’t get too complex in world building and limits the landscape to just what the story needs. She also doesn’t complicate the plot by bringing in other were beings. Curl up with a cup of your favorite and lope away into this enjoyable tale.  I liked it enough to buy the next book in the series.

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