Just STOP already. Seriously. *This is Offensive.*

The following will offend someone.
 From the Urban Dictionary:
Bæ/bae is a Danish word for poop. Also used by people on the internet who think it means baby, sweetie etc.
Bae I love u so much      Poop I love you so much
Brian, my bae      Brian, my poop
I just made a bæ    I just made a poop
by Volvopigen January 29, 2014

Can we just agree to stop using this word as a bastardized term of endearment? I mean seriously. It makes the user sound like a bae headed idiot.I know that language changes in form and meaning. I get it. But this one just make the user sound so damn lazy. So lazy that they shortened a 4 letter word. (At least FUCK is the short form of procreate.)  So lazy they can’t manage to come up with a term of endearment that ACTUALLY means something endearing. So uninformed and uneducated that they can’t be bothered to find a word that is uplifting or beautifying to call the person they profess to care about.
I wish I could slap them in the back of the head every time they mutter the word. Eventually they’s gonna git that it a dis. Until then, I call upon all the word smiths and  essayists out here in the electronic ether to help your fellow humans find a better word… babe, darling, honey, beau, dear, lover…

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