Flash Fiction

I added a piece of Flash Fiction from the prompts. A Fork in the Road.  I was beginning to think the stress at work had shut down my creativity but I scratched out a bit of something this evening. Comments/critique are welcome.

The flash fiction tonight rolled out from a scratch note I jotted down last month and never pursued. I’ve been working off and on with a few other pieces. One of the new works looks to be a space, sci-fi, novel, likely erotica.  Another, I’m not certain yet, it may be a humorous short story.  The last is a series of short stories that are dramatic, intense and occasionally painful to write.  I started them a number of years ago. I came across them in some much older works. I may dust off some of those and see where they go.

Guard your Nom De Plume!

I looks like we may all be in “trouble” as an age old tradition of tripping up the literary pundants is in grave danger… or not. “Much ado about nothing.”