1st Hurricane of 2015

Hurricane season comes to Florida (my home area) with a stoic regularity. Hurricane 

We have 2 seasons here; Tourist, Summer (AKA Hurricane). Danny has become the 1st of this year. NASA has a great set of photos. While I don’t look on either with trepidation, I do change a few behaviors during this time of year. The general public responds to crisis in a predictable manner: 

  1. Deny there’s a problem
  2. Ignore the problem
  3. Freak out and complete useless or ineffective tasks (run to Sams and Walmart and Target and every store in 15 miles, buy stuff they’ll never use and end up donating during Scouting for Food)
  4. Wait until days after the first evacuation recommendations before even looking at a map or finding a shelter then clog up the interstates, get into road rage events, cry on local tv news casts
  5. Rail against “the authorities” about everything from ‘no pets in shelters’ to poor wifi coverage or a lack of phone charging stations
  6. Be shocked and or outraged at whatever damage has occurred like there has never been information about it before in the history of history
  7. Blame everyone except the person in the mirror for ___________.

First, let me be clear; I don’t expect the local, state or federal government to take care of me or anyone I care about.  It is not up to the government to ensure my safety or security. It is not solely up to the government (NASA has a duty) to keep me informed about storms. It is the responsibility of the government to ensure that price gouging doesn’t occur, tourists are evacuated, that looters are shot (yes, shot, regardless of their skin color), roadways are cleared quickly, and provide communication on when I can go home.

Regardless of where in the world you live, bad things happen; Floods, Storms, Fires, Earthquakes, Civil Unrest.  Shit Happens, Be Prepared. Blame yourself if you’re not.

On to things I do in summer… keep gas in the vehicle, keep cash on hand, keep meds in stock, keep animal cages and records ready, keep dehydrated foods (in house, until imminent then in trunk), “go bag” ready, ammo and guns ready.  I have a small event plan for storms and such and an “oh shit” plan for if the big stuff comes. A PLAN, not a vague idea, A PLAN.

Get a plan, it’s summer.

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