Friends and Romans

This was written for NYC Midnight 2019 Micro-fiction Challenge . Let me know what you think.

The night air blows warm over the sleeping city below. Two men sip wine while lounging on an ornate balcony. The older speaks, “Decimus, these rumors of rebellion haunt me.  What do you know?”

The younger man responds casually, “Caesar, they are naught but idle chatter. The grumblings of defeated enemies.” He carefully watches for a reaction. 

Caesar stares at his long-time companion and advisor. “Be certain, Decimus. Rome is mine. But, what is hard won can be easily lost.”

Far below, two men greet beneath the heavily decorated columns of the Senate. “I’ve come Brutus, what was so urgent as to roust me from bed to meet you in the deep shadow of night?”

“Cassius, we have been through so much together. Trust me again.” He hands his colleague a scroll. “Read. The first signature is from Decimus. Others follow, including mine.”

“Decimus? What does Caesar’s lap dog want now? His sandal rubs my neck raw as it is. What more must we endure?”

“Caesar went too far in naming Cleopatra as Queen. Decimus is ready to light the flame of revolution.”

“Brutus, are you certain Decimus isn’t laying a trap? Signing this document is treason.”

“His signature, and mine, and all who sign are committed to more than words. Will you join us in freeing Rome from her dictator?”

“What of our station, our lands, our families? We have only just recovered from siding against Caesar before.”

“Cassius, Romans will forgive the hands who let Caesar’s blood.”