I have spent the last month or so working through some difficult history in my childhood and adolescence. While I won't be sharing the details, I would encourage YOU to take the time and dedicate the energy to healing any wounds of your past. No matter what happened to you, by whom, or when... you … Continue reading Overcoming


The new year finds me back in New Mexico. A harsh beauty. Today is frigid. My Florida thin blood deeply feels the cold. It is good to be here, helping mom take down the holiday decor. Basking in old memories, listening to her stories of various items. The tea cup and saucer from her grandmother. … Continue reading 2021

Advent Poems – 3, 4, 5, 6

Here are the next few... Poem 3 was an interesting exercise, end words beginning with the letters in my name. of me Fifty-four years have gone ‘round.Numerous loves - escaped.Some in agony, others in beauty.People and moments, eclipsedby the new, or purposely culledfrom these memories I’ve curated.Now, moving forward with anticipation,of the next who, where, … Continue reading Advent Poems – 3, 4, 5, 6